Normally, I don’t bother with EPs. But these aren’t normal times. And ‘Christological Escalation’ certainly isn’t your everyday release. I couldn’t let this one pass by without conveying my appreciation for a band of immense potential… Judging by the quality of these four tracks, the forthcoming debut full-length from this Greek horde will be mandatory.

Athens is aflame, burning to the ground amid some of the cruellest austerity measures in modern times. It’s a fucking joke what Europe’s big cats are inflicting upon the unfortunate Greeks. However, in times of oppression, art normally flourishes in the affected region and that certainly seems to be the case with Amnis Nihili.

The crushing title track opens proceedings in considerable style. Halfway through, it becomes apparent that there’s more to Amnis Nihili than your ordinary Black Metal band. They have a real understanding of ambience, a flair for dynamic, an appreciation of pace changes and atmospheric passages. The minimal use of samples is perfect. Some weird instrumentation on here as well. All in all, the music is downright amazing.

It continues in the same vein on all four tunes and – all too soon – after just 16 minutes – the CD ends. That’s why I generally don’t buy – or review – EPs. Too short. But on ‘Christological Escalation’ Amnis Nihili display something truly exceptional, which I believe marks them out as an entity to keep a close eye on. This is great music and there’s a 10” vinyl version, too, which would be even better to own than the CD. Think I may seek it out.

Evilometer: 555/666