ANU – OPUS FUNAERUM LP (Werewolf Records)

Another full-length that barely makes it past the half-hour mark. I have to say, this trend is starting to get to me. Surely an ‘album’ should be at least 40 minutes’ long? Is the consumer not entitled to some sort of value for money? Thirty minutes is really just an EP. In the case of Anu, however, I already knew this was a brief journey as I purchased the  CD of ‘Opus Funaerum’ a couple of years back and was adequately impressed to splash out again for the vinyl edition.

The fact that I was prepared to spend €15 plus postage on the vinyl version of a 30-minute album that I already owned in digital format speaks for itself. This is superior Black Metal that is very much at home on the label that brings elite bands like Kadotus and, of course, Satanic Warmaster into our living rooms. There’s a real evil vibe going on throughout and some of the eeriest / nastiest sounds you’ll hear on a record anywhere, any time.

In short (pun intended – let’s keep with the theme, eh?), this is a fantastic example of raw yet atmospheric, cavern-dwelling BM that even contains that rarest of treats – female vocals that won’t make you puke. Despite its unfortunate brevity, ‘Opus Funaerum’ is well worthy of a place in your collection. Wonderful, non-commercial, genuinely-underground stuff.

Evilometer: 555/666