Der Teufelsbund’ was released in 2011 and I made a mental note to myself at the time to check it out. Then – true to form – I completely forgot about it. A month back, I spotted the Charnel Winds debut full-length for sale in an online distro (is there any other kind?) for just €7, so I decided to include it as part of my order. Well-connected Finns, Werewolf Records … smugly, I thought I couldn’t go wrong. Turns out, however, that I did go wrong…

As it transpires, ‘Der Teufelsbund’ is mediocre at best. I feel indifferent to most of it but there are some really sickening parts of this album – searing leads and melodies, clean vocals – that simply nauseate me. Two songs are particularly offensive – ‘Chained Kûmara’ and ‘Die Extase’. Abominations and a total insult to anyone who purchases an album expecting to hear Black Metal as opposed to Eurovision Song Contest outtakes. Total shit.

Evilometer: 000/666