Fuil Na Seanchoille’ gathers on vinyl the seven tunes from Fuil Na Seanchoille’s two demos, ‘Demo MMVII’ and ‘Bitter Dusk Of Futures Past’, which were shat out on limited-to-100-unit cassettes in 2008 and 2009 respectively. At the time, I was blissfully oblivious to their existence – but I’m thrilled to have discovered them now…

What we have here is fantastic, uncompromising, swirling underground mayhem – indifferent and nonchalantly defiant. But it’s not all balls-to-the-wall carnage. Satyrign also occasionally incorporates some delightful ambience and devilish melody into the equation, in particular during the closing strains of the excellent nine-minute ‘Seancríonnacht’, which brings Side A to an exhilarating end, but also notably at the climax of ‘Dorchadas Agus Foréigean / Deireadh Fómhair MDLXXX’ in the middle of Side B.

Speaking of which, Side B (i.e. Bitter Dusk Of Futures Past’) sounds like it might have been recorded in an abandoned, godless church (aren’t they all?) using a tape recorder; all high-pitched, wobbly guitars, fist-against-the-bark-of-a-tree drums and ghoulish vocals. It’s a total fucking abomination. And I mean that in a positive sense.

This is one of the least-sophisticated records you are ever likely to own. Isn’t that exactly how Black Metal was supposed to be in the first place? Before the goths and the folk fiends and the avant-garde retards and the hipsters came to the party and tried to ruin it…

Invigorating stuff.

Evilometer: 666/666