Herein lies the problem with delving too deep into the underground – the lower you go the more likely you are to get shit on your boots. Insalubre seemed like a sure-fire winner to me: an unsigned misanthropic Portuguese Black Metal band releasing a demo on cassette with the music recorded in 2007 and vocals added this year – surely this was going to rock? Wrong.

To say that this is dogged with bad sound would be the understatement of the aeons. “Assim nasceu o ódio pelo tempo que vivemos…” appears to have some decent ideas hidden in the murk but it’s hard to say with any degree of confidence when the production is non-existent and the music sounds like I’m listening to it through perforated eardrums. Now, I like my Black Metal raw and grim but I also like to hear it and, in that regard, this tape is a total joke.

I know this is a demo. But it has also been released. And I paid money for the bloody thing. Real money. In 2012. Aye, there’s the rub! There is absolutely no point in making music as poorly-recorded as this available to the public. It has no value and is a total insult to people who hand over their hard-earned cash for it. What a fucking waste of time and €uros. More cunt than cult.

Evilometer: 000/666