This is a limited-to-150-units pro-cassette edition of the debut demo from Québécois one-man band Maléfices – the bastard brainchild of he who calls himself Serpenoire. There are seven wonderful Black Metal work-outs on ‘Povr Le Sangs’ and the sound is really pretty impressive for a demo. And for a tape. For just six Canadian dollars, this is a steal. Which makes me a thief, I suppose. I’ve been called worse…

The music on here is grim and nasty and creepy, the way Black Metal was always supposed to be. As a collection of songs goes, it’s solid, impressive and more-than-competent, always maintaining that essential true underground feel. I’ve heard so many ‘proper’ albums from big-name bands on big-name labels that couldn’t hold a candle to ‘Povr Le Sangs’ that it makes me shake with incredulity at the sheer stupidity of man.

That’s not to say this is a perfect piece of work. Far from it, in truth. But it’s a fantastic opening gambit and I’d have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending this charm-the-knickers-off-a-nun tape to those who enjoy no-gimmicks, straight-from-the-bitter-heart, old-fashioned Black Metal performed with passion and integrity. Great stuff that everyone should hunt down as a matter of priority, ‘Povr Le Sangs’ stands defiantly as the antidote to shit like Alcest, Enslaved, modern Burzum and a whole steaming host of other drivel deliverers.

Evilometer: 555/666