ORDER OF ORIAS – INVERSE LP (World Terror Committee)

Inverse’ is the debut full-length from this previously-unknown-to-me Australian ensemble with a weird name. I’ve no idea what Order of Orias means but it matters not because they churn out a very enjoyable concoction that’s filthy and crude yet at the same time melodic and atmospheric. I would describe it as a spirited and crushing album laced with moments of restraint – one minute a cascading avalanche of aggression, the next a pacifying shoulder of reassurance.

Not that it’s schizo or disjointed. No, ‘Inverse’ flows beautifully as a unit, at one with itself, chaos and ire in perfect harmony with acceptance and peace. The poignancy of ‘Irreverence’ makes the hairs stand on the back of my neck, then ‘Offering’ comes along determined to rip me a new asshole. Generally, that’s the lasting impression this 50 minutes of music has on me. It makes me feel sort of sad and alone; then it fills me with a feeling of triumph and good old headbangingness.

Whether this is technically Black Metal or Death Metal is an argument for another day. It’s great stuff and that’s all that matters, really. The album is wonderfully produced and this vinyl edition is handled superbly by WTC, who have gone the extra mile and included a heavy record, gatefold sleeve, lyrics on the inner sleeve and a poster. I never use posters but I suppose it’s better to have one than not to have it. [smiley fucking face inserted here]

Evilometer: 555/666