I’ve had this CD for quite a while now and had no intention of reviewing it but I’ve changed my mind because I’m listening to ‘Les Fragments Du Chaos’ right now … again … for the umpteenth time … and I think some form of acknowledge is due, even if only by way of a short review.

I realise that most of you won’t have heard of Pendulum and I accept that it is a truly crap name for a Black Metal band, but this is actually a really good full-length, a release that is destined to slip under the radar largely unnoticed but which is worthy of consideration at the very least.

By and large, we are served eight helpings of mid- to fast-paced blackness with plenty of melody, mid-song pace variations and a slight depressive bent. Clearly, this is not the best Black Metal album of all time, nor the most innovative but, as I’ve said countless times before, innovation is over-rated. What’s wrong with sticking to a formula that works?

Evilometer: 444/666