Rebirth Of Nefast - TabernaculumRebirth Of Nefast’s sprawling debut full-length, ‘Tabernaculum’, is an intricate, complex, ambitious and utterly stunning work of art painstakingly woven into a pitch black tapestry by an individual who toiled and toiled and toiled until he could toil no more. Wann / Stephen Lockhart invested every fibre of his being into ensuring that the album was perfect and his notoriously-pernickety approach has paid rich, rich dividends.

Cinematic in scope, the six songs (61 minutes) presented are multi-textured, multi-layered orations, loaded with hidden depths, details and nuances, utterly breath-taking in conception, execution and delivery. The attention to detail on every note of ‘Tabernaculum’ is staggering and it is simply astonishing to think that this remarkable record is predominantly the bitter fruit of just one man’s labour.

What mind can dream it up, then make it happen?

The vinyl edition is sumptuous and this is an album that all Black Metal devotees should investigate closely. Absolutely masterful in every conceivable way.

Evilometer: 666/666