Satanic Warmaster - FimbulwinterAlthough it’s natural I suppose for artists to evolve, when Black Metal bands do so they invariably move in the wrong direction. One step forward; five back. The reason why I loved Satanic Warmaster in the first place was, well, doh, because I loved Satanic Warmaster. The music, the sound, the attitude.

When they change that sound to something closer to Old Man’s Child and adopt a way more accessible approach no doubt aimed at garnering increased mass appeal, all the magic is lost during the sell-out process.

Although by no means terrible, ‘Fimbulwinter’ is massively disappointing. Too clean, too melodic, too crisp and fucking mature, it bears very little resemblance to the stellar releases that SW has conjured in the past. Sounds more like a side project paying homage to early ‘90s Scandinavian BM. What happened to the raw, grim, nasty, puerile Satanic Warmaster that brought a smile to my face and reinforced my passion for the underground?

Ah, why skirt around the issue any longer?: this is shit, really, to be fair.

Evilometer: 111/666