Not sure what to say about this one. Is it a gimmick or a work of pure genius? Perhaps I’m too dumb to know the difference. No information is given on the artist(s), though I’m of the uneducated understanding that there is some form of connection with Reverorum ib Malacht. There are no song titles, no album title, nothing. Zilch. Nada. Fuck all. Just a black record in a black sleeve with the catalogue number printed on the back (AR013). So all we can focus on is the music

I don’t even know which is Side A and which is Side B. So I just lob it on and hope for the best. A racket ensues. Chaotic drumming roars through the speakers. The drums are so prominent in the mix that I’m wondering is this just a drum rehearsal. Way in the background, there are occasional howls and screams, the vaguely-discernible sound of what might be guitars. A barrage of noise. Carnage. My head throbs.

It’s just pummel, pummel, pummel, pummel all the way. The drummer is in a bad mood. As I said at the beginning, I have no idea what to make of this record. Have I paid €18 for a pile of shit? Am I myself a pile of shit? What has this got to do with Black Metal? What have I got to do with Black Metal? Where does madness end and sanity begin? WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS? And where do I file it in my library?

Evilometer: ???/666