Chöre Aus Dem Schlund Der Zeit’ is a decent debut album from German entity Signum: Karg. Comprising four tracks of straightforward Black Metal with no frills, it’s one of those releases that brings you back to the early days of the subgenre with corrupt music that chronicles the disintegration of the human race. It’s harsh and gritty and it’s also fairly conservative. In other words, there’s nothing groundbreaking taking place here. So depending on your perspective, you’ll either love this or hate it.

The problem with trying to market a band like Signum: Karg is that there are countless other acts out there these days doing the same thing. Does this mean they are mundane and irrelevant? Not necessarily. ‘Chöre Aus Dem Schlund Der Zeit’ constitutes a worthwhile release in its own right and will appeal to BM fanatics who just can’t get enough misanthropy into their 24/7 routine.

The music is accessible and well-produced. The more I listen to this, the less inclined I am to dismiss it. Opener ‘Orkanes Stille’ grew on me like an ivy rash and the mostly high tempo, twelve-minute epic ‘Gräbermoor’ is a tune that would put many seasoned bands to shame. It thrashes about like intoxicated eels at an Ann Summers party, ripping through the speakers, bludgeoning all within reach and leaving the listener breathless. But Signum: Karg incorporate some mood and tempo changes into their work too, the variety adding to the re-visit value. ‘Steinerne Erhabenheit’ and ‘Flammenhymne’ are equally impressive workouts, the first-mentioned the best song on the album, reminding me somewhat of the (al)mighty Obtained Enslavement.

All in all, this is a pretty easy review to write. Signum: Karg are doing nothing new but they are covering familiar ground in a competent and credible – if unspectacular – manner. Not an essential release by any means so ultimately it comes down to how much you love BM. The question you must ask yourself is this: have you room in your life for another quality German Black Metal band. I can’t make that decision for you…

Evilometer: 444/666

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