Bloodline - Werewolf TrainingWhen this album came out on CD ten years ago, I thought it was amazing. I was thrilled when I heard that it was getting a vinyl revamp and guess what? I still fucking love it. Featuring members of Aborym, Diabolium and Carpathian Forest, ‘Werewolf Training’ is the creation of a veritable Black Metal supergroup and it still sounds as essential and relevant today as it did a decade hitherto.

This album boasts a fantastic atmosphere, wonderful lyrics, a great sound, devilish melody and plenty of animosity. Mostly mid-paced and catchy as all fuck, it’s certainly more accessible than most of the Black Metal I champion on here but, hell, ‘Werewolf Training’ is just a classic in every way. I was surprised that it slipped under the radar first time around and it’ll undoubtedly do the same this time. But who cares?

You could do much, much worse than checking this out. The vinyl version includes a bonus cover of a Ministry song, which represents the icing on the cake (or the blood on the knife?) of a truly fine album. Whereas some LPs are challenging, arcane, esoteric or whatever, this one is just a superb listen from start to finish. Like catching up with an old friend (who doesn’t turn out to be an asshole (which is quite rare (time fucks people up))).

How’s that for grammatical use of the comma?

Evilometer: 666/666