True to form, unswerving Lower Silesian traditionalists Dark Fury take no prisoners on their eleventh full-length offensive of Intolerant Polish Black Metal, the aptly-titled ‘Shoot to Kill!’. As lands are flooded and natives besieged in a treasonous age of invasions and plantations, conspirator in chief Krzysztof calls for the preservation of the cultural heritage of his homeland and condemns the orchestrated creation of “a grey human mass without roots, culture and reason”.

For more than a quarter of a century Dark Fury has been unapologetically delivering hate-fuelled, intolerant Black Metal of the most uncompromising variety. Is your music the ultimate expression of unrestricted misanthropy or are there only certain traits of the human race which you find particularly insufferable?
“Hello, to start the interview, I would like to thank you for your interest in my activities and for the interesting questions. I don’t consider myself a misanthrope. On the contrary, I respect and appreciate certain people. Individuals who are standing out from obsolescence and are able to think and act independently. In addition, the motto that is important to me is 14 words by David Lane.
“To answer the second part of your question – yes, I particularly dislike human stupidity and lack of independence.”

Are you concerned first and foremost with the preservation and promotion of the unique indigenous heritage, culture, traditions, history and identity of your home territory – Lower Silesia? What is it about this region that you love so much? Is the battle being won or lost?
“I am Polish and I care about preserving and passing on the cultural heritage of Poland and Poles to posterity, but also the culture of a White Man in general. Lower Silesia is, of course, a very interesting region, perhaps even the most interesting part of Poland, but focusing solely on it would significantly limit what I think and do.
“It’s hard to say whether the battle is lost or won. On the one hand, there are young people interested in their cultural heritage and aware of the processes taking place in the world and, on the other hand, world politics is steering in the opposite direction and at the moment it seems that we have no influence over it.”

Immigration is a hot topic right now and there is a coordinated and orchestrated mass migration of people taking place into the west as we speak. Are we witnessing the deliberate dismantling of white culture and the destruction of nations by a globalist elite?
“I believe this is the case. The world’s wealthy lobby seeks to eradicate the culture of a White Man and to destroy racial and cultural unity, especially in Europe. However, following this lead, I think that not only is our culture threatened: the goal is to de-root all people. As you know, people without roots are the easiest to control. They will never love the land they live on, their goal will be only to survive – and they will ensure this in the most convenient manner, by working for the richest for a ‘bowl of rice’ and a micro apartment.”

‘When in Rome, do as the Romans do’. From Africa to Peru, New Zealand to France and Sweden to the Middle East, we have always had rich cultural diversity all around the world. Would the woke dream of multiculturalism in every region not lead inevitably to the disappearance of many native cultures?
“I have already partially answered this question above. I believe this is the goal of globalists – to wipe native cultures from the face of the earth and to create a grey human mass without roots, culture and reason.”

With the world at war (physical, cultural and information wars abound…), the overtly belligerent, recently-unleashed eleventh Dark Fury full-length onslaught ‘Shoot to Kill!’ is a fitting soundtrack to modern times. On your own doorstep, Russia’s war with neighbours Ukraine rages on and Poland of course knows all about being invaded, not least by the Russians. The anthem ‘Under the Black Sun We Will Trample the Red Star’ exhibits a strong anti-Russia /anti-communist stance. Russia on the rampage again – some things never change?
“I think anti-Russian is too strong a word. I have friends who are Russians and they are people I respect. However, it is definitely a very anti-communist album. Aimed at the criminal system of authority in Russia. The authorities that have inflicted a lot of harm on us, Poles, over the years. And, as far as I know the history, she (Russia) caused a lot of harm to many of her neighbours as well. I look at the Ukrainian nation and see how much they have been denationalised. Many of these people don’t even speak their own language.
“Will this never change? I don’t know … at the moment I don’t think that the government and the system in Russia are in danger.”

What can you tell me about the declaration or pact that you have reproduced on the front cover of ‘Shoot to Kill!’?
“This is a modified version of the order issued by General Rozwadowski on August 14th, 1920 during the Polish-Bolshevik War. We thought that it perfectly reflects the spirit of the last Dark Fury album and at the same time it is an interesting and very non-standard front cover.”Dark Fury has been going strong and speaking your mind honestly and without fear of consequences for 27 years and counting. As a result of covering topics that others shy away from, some love you and others hate you. From a personal perspective, what has it been like fronting a band and label that operate outside the politically-correct straitjacket of mainstream / NWO acceptability? Do you care what your critics say or are you focused only on delivering the message you want to communicate?
“I take into account the opinions of people in my circle, I listen to what they say and I try to draw conclusions from this. As you rightly noticed, opinions and feelings about Dark Fury, Lower Silesian Stronghold and what we are doing are extreme – ranging from negative to positive. However, I am impervious to criticism from leftist circles, a small amount of which reaches me in the form of publications on the internet, opinions on various portals and, in the past, also articles in the press. I always try to present my view without being distracted by the consideration of whether my statements are currently fashionable or, on the contrary, whether they will turn out to be unpopular and will be met with a wave of indignation. As you probably guessed, most metal circles do not accept what I do; I prefer to live in the Underground, where free, independent thinking and lack of censorship are desirable features.”

Is there even more anger, rage and hatred than ever before on this latest record or would you say these have been constant emotions in the Dark Fury journey so far?
“I undoubtedly include in my music the emotions that move me while writing material and recording. Often it is anger, fury or rage, but also pride and even joy (a term that does not fit Black Metal) derived from successes. Each album I have recorded is a result of what I was feeling, what I was experiencing at that moment in time, what was currently absorbing me. Is ‘Shoot to Kill!’ unique in this matter? I don’t think so. It turns out to be a bit different, different from the style of Dark Fury. However, I think that emotionally it is as full of my feelings as any Dark Fury album that has come before it, and perhaps will come in the future.”

You make no attempt to conceal your hatred for your enemies. Our overlords have nothing but contempt for the common man yet they try to tell us we are not allowed to express hatred and ironically introduce hate speech laws to silence dissent (against them!). If a regime, ideology, individual, disease or worldview threatens to destroy the things we hold dear, isn’t hate a natural, human and powerful reaction?
“It’s a natural feeling like any other, and I see no reason not to feel hatred as much as any other human feeling. Our advantage is both the ability to create and destroy. Sometimes, to create, you must first destroy. Destroying something or someone you hate is probably much more effective. However, I avoid situations in which hatred could blind me and take my mind away. As you mentioned, it’s a strong feeling – sometimes hard to control.”In this era of invasions and plantations, it is easy to forget about one of the biggest and most repulsive conquests of all – that of Abrahamic religions. I ask this question on the anniversary of the Baptism of Poland. As a proud and patriotic Pole, how do you feel about the manner in which your country has imported and embraced a perverted faith from the Middle East and, despite initial resistance to the Christianisation of your land, has effectively forced it on the natives through insidious legislation like blasphemy laws? Any sign of Poland’s ancient pagan beliefs making a return?
“In my opinion, Christianity in Poland currently does not have much strength and its moral decline has led to a mass turning away from the church and faith. Paganism is experiencing a kind of renaissance, although I think that most people leaving Christianity become (or always were, but they were not aware of it or did not have the courage to admit it) atheists.
“Getting back to the baptism of Poland and the situation in Europe at that time, I think it was a strictly political move, having nothing to do with true faith. I also believe that without baptism, Poland would not have had the opportunity to develop and perhaps even survive. This does not mean, of course, that I support Christianity or anything related to it. The semitic faith will forever remain alien to our land, distorting the lives of Europeans and pushing our native culture and beliefs into the background.”

In Poland, the spirit of the ‘pagan reaction’ of a millennium ago, when churches and monasteries were destroyed and priests killed, was embraced anew by Black Metal in the early 90s with a glorious wave of church burnings. You had the notorious Temple of the Fullmoon – one of BM’s most iconic movements. Do you identify closely with this fanatical era of Black Metal? Who were the bands and characters that most inspired you to embark on your own Black Metal journey? And are those most magical days of BM gone forever?
“I grew up in those times, I also started my activity in the BM Underground at that time and, without doubt, people like Capricornus, for example, were a great inspiration to me. He was, by the way, one of the first figures of the Polish scene at that time whom I had the opportunity to meet in person. For me, those magical days of Black Metal are still going on. I have been following the same path for years, I live in a way that I consider appropriate for me, and the ideals that I absorbed when I was young are still a kind of code of honour and a guide to the right direction for me.”