It was always going to take something different to drag me from my self-imposed abyss and here we are with a true underground split CD that technically goes by the title of  ‘La Forme Créatrice Du Chaos / Le Chaos Religieux’. Such a mouthful was never going to fit into my limited headline space above without making a whore’s cunt of my homepage so I’ve opted for the sake of simplicity to call this ‘Split’.

Fhoi Myore grabbed my attention late last year with their impressive self-titled debut full-length and, on this joint effort, they continue where they left off then by unleashing four more thoroughly enjoyable examples of raw, dark art. There’s some lovely melodies in there but everything remains suitably grim and edgy to constitute another formidable and intriguing contribution from an interesting and exciting new Black Metal band.

Pestiferum – also from France – were previously unknown to me even though they have a full-length under their belts some three years hitherto. They peddle frozen, old school Black Metal and are worthy companions / peers of Fhoi Myore.

All in all, this is a neat release that’s thankfully destined to remain forever lost in the underground.

Evilometer: 555/666