Kult - Unleashed From Dismal LightThe Black Metal ship has sailed and Kult aren’t on board; it’s a real fucking shame. For one reason or another, the legend of Kult hasn’t spread as rabidly as it should have. In total contrast to so many of their peers, the Italians are a case of no hype, all substance.

Sophomore full-length ‘Unleashed From Dismal Light’ is an exceptional exhibit of slow-to-mid-paced Black Metal majesty that deserves to be compared favourably with the very best in the business. But won’t be.

Maybe it’s the truly crap name that’s hindering Kult? Or the lack of gimmickry / sensationalism / promotion? The momentum lost between albums? Country of origin? Who knows …

What a pity one of the members didn’t murder a gay person or burn down a church or cannibalise an entire village. What a shame their lyrics don’t shit all over every religion and moral and sexual persuasion and political ideal and worthless race on the face of this twisted planet. Maybe then we’d sit up and take notice.

Check this album out – you’ll be amazed by just how good it is!

Evilometer: 666/666