MOLOCH / KRIEG – SPLIT LP (Aphelion Productions)

Krieg MolochThis vinyl-only (I know, they always say this…) release is an interesting proposition as it features exclusive, brand-new material from both acts. Between them, Moloch and Krieg have produced some essential full-lengths so I simply had to investigate. Ultimately, the record is pretty good but at the same time somewhat underwhelming and sort of instantly forgettable.

Three songs each plus an intro and outro apiece all add up to some 35 minutes of energetic, in-your-face underground Black Metal.

Certainly, the Moloch contribution is much different than I was expecting. I don’t recall Sergiy ever thrashing out like this before (not that I am familiar with all his work…), almost in USBM fashion, perhaps as a nod towards his partners in crime hereon? Who knows?

Anyway – closing instrumental excepted – it’s not the usual ambient, atmospheric fare that one would automatically associate with the Ukrainian. More thrashing and manic than hitherto … so much so that I wasn’t convinced I was listening to the correct side of the record, until I flipped over (the record; not me)…

Krieg’s contributions are also fairly decent offerings of quality (harsh, ferocious and pummelling) Black Metal but, uncompromising and all as these are, there is nothing particularly inspired or magnificent about Side B – or this split in general. Having said that, it still represents a welcome addition to my collection. Over to you…

Evilometer: 444/666