A new consignment of ПРАВА КОЛЛЕКТИВ releases has been conjured from the interstellar ether and, while I enjoy all the bands associated with this mysterious and unique collective, I have a particular soft spot for Voidsphere, whose discography to date – comprising one record for each of the Earth’s last four rotations around the sun – has been nigh on perfect.

A sonic expression of immeasurable might, ‘To Sense | To Perceive’ speaks to me about the presence of voids everywhere – within and outside individuals – and all-consuming emptiness / nothingness within the bottomless abyss of time and space; man’s irrelevance and impotence; the vastness of the cosmos compared to our trivial concerns.

The seventh and eighth transmissions of Voidsphere vibrate across the infinite expansiveness of the unknown, time warped and movement decelerated by the vast distances and scales involved, the calm and storm coalescing into an orgasmic, deathly propulsion of nightmarish cosmic dread.

In keeping with the Voidsphere modus operandi, we are presented with two vast 20+-minute interstellar emissions, ‘The Void Senses’ and ‘The Void Perceives’, each repetitive, haunting and reassuring, spontaneous eruptions from betwixt black holes and nebulae, representing the heartbeat of the multiverse: chaos and order, life and death, noise and silence – a tapestry of pulsating terror.

We are by the void and of the void. Revealing itself, the new protagonist directs its attention towards us. It senses and perceives.

Evilometer: 666/666