As The Earth Fades Into Obscurity’ is the debut full-length from New Zealand quintet Winter Deluge and, true to form, it’s self-released. Having listened to the nine offerings that comprise ‘ATEFIO’ I am quite astounded that a label hasn’t snapped these guys up yet, but there you go. What else would be expect in this fucked-up world?

Winter Deluge blast out an abrasive charge of caustic Black Metal with just enough melody and diversity to keep the whole thing interesting. But for the most part they are stomping along angrily, bitterly, forlornly, certainly appearing more intent on causing the listener pain than heralding any sort of comfort.

For a self-released / independent effort, this is a truly impressive slab of ire with a more-than-adequate production, great musicianship and a real sense of what good Black Metal energy is. While part of me would like to see Winter Deluge get the break they deserve, another more selfish me would be happy if they continued to struggle along just as they are.

Cos it’s hard to beat real, genuine underground Black Metal that comes from the heart and soul with no corporate money behind it and no hidden agenda.

Evilometer: 555/666