AKITSA – GRANDS TYRANS LP (Hospital Productions)

Akitsa - Grands TyransGrands Tyrans’ constitutes Akitsa’s first full-length in five years so it was certainly an eagerly-awaited release. And then there was the by-now-all-too-familiar extra delay for the vinyl edition of the Québécois duo’s fifth album, which is handled by Hospital Productions and therefore a little bit pricier than most records…

This is the band’s most ambitious release to date in that there are multiple tracks that have precious little to do with Black Metal and, on a purely subjective level, some of these don’t appeal to me at all.

Still, many of the songs on here are stellar slices of cold, harsh Black Metal from the barren wastelands.

To my ears, the LP is let down by two irritating tracks – the silly, shout-y ‘Le Feu De L’abîme’ and ‘Chimères’ – while another one of the BM-free offerings, ‘Les Flots De L’enfer’ is absolutely spellbinding. So I guess it all comes down to acute personal taste and I could just as easily be fawning over the album in its entirety.

All in all, Akitsa have crafted a very interesting and rounded record that is worthy of acknowledgement, support, respect and full marks.

Evilometer: 666/666