CHHINNAMASTA VAJRA-SARPA MLP (Iron Bonehead Productions)

Chhinnamasta - Vajra-SarpaChhinnamasta’s debut release, the one-sided MLP, “Vajra-Sarpa”, is quite a short shock – featuring just over 20 minutes of raw-ish / ambient Black Metal … from India of all places. There’s really just one actual song on here – ‘In Search Of A Primal Light’ – buttressed between two ambient pieces – ‘Nexion I – Ritual Of Illumination And Consumption’ and ‘Nexion II – Reawakening Primeval Spells From The Farthest Cosmic Night’.

It’s very good stuff and, to make up for the brevity of the record, I tend to listen to it more than once at a time (and no need to even turn it over). Obviously, I’d prefer a full-length but, alas, there’s a lot of quality material emerging on the mini-album format these days and I’m finding myself buying more and more of them. Insert included.

Evilometer: 555/666