CREEPING – REVENANT LP (Iron Bonehead Productions)

Creeping - RevenantThere’s certainly a doomy vibe to ‘Revenant’, though possibly not as pronounced as I remember it being on the New Zealanders’ trailblazing debut ‘Funeral Crawl’ from almost a decade ago (their sound was very innovative back then, at least to my ears).

Creeping mix this doom into their trademark brew of mostly-slow-to-mid-paced Death and Black-ish Metal (‘Scythes Over My Grave’ is a more balls-to-the-wall affair…) to produce a very atmospheric concoction that’s difficult to describe (at this time of night) but easy to enjoy.

Considerably shorter than the band’s previous two full-lengths (five tracks; 32 minutes), this is a very professional-sounding and competently-executed heavy hybrid of many things, which comes in a gatefold jacket with a poster and a guarantee of satisfaction.

Evilometer: 555/666