DROWNING THE LIGHT – LOST KINGDOMS OF A DARK AGE 10″ EP (Obscure Abhorrence Productions)

Drowning The Light - Lost Kingdoms Of A Dark AgeThis 10” EP surfaced a couple of months back and contains four tracks (three songs plus an instrumental intro) with a total running time of 21 minutes. I think it only set me back €9, so no complaints on that front. ‘Lost Kingdoms Of A Dark Age’ captures Drowning The Light at their brilliant best and will certainly entertain you and leave you yearning for more.

I find that all of DTL’s releases are of a consistently high standard and can’t remember – off the top of my head – having been disappointed by any of their previous work. Even though EPs are more appetisers than main courses and are therefore hardly essential, I would still recommend this record to anybody who likes the band or who appreciates quality Black Metal in general.

There you have it: short and sweet.

Evilometer: 555/666