forbidden-citadel-of-spirits-%e2%80%8e-collection-iDuring ten years of existence, Forbidden Citadel Of Spirits ‎has yet to unleash a full-length. Probably never will. Instead, in true underground fashion, the Tasmanian duo stick to demos, EPs and splits, improvised and very much in the vein of Portuguese dungeon-dwellers like Black Cilice and Mons Veneris.

Collating material from a host of these off-the-radar releases, ‘Collection I’ is as close as we’ve come to an album proper from the band … on vinyl, at least (a couple of prior compilations also surfaced on cassette).

The music on here is so raw, spontaneous and sloppy that it is almost ludicrous. More Black Metal than Black Metal itself, ‘Collection I’ constitutes a truly insane, warped journey through the depths of some realm that exists beneath the actual underground. Or something.

Great stuff, really. And probably sold out, too, as there were only 150 copies pressed.

Evilometer: 666/666