FÖRGJORD – UHRIPUU LP (Werewolf Records)

Originally unveiled in 2017, Förgjord’s fourth full-length, ‘Uhripuu’ has been given the long-overdue vinyl treatment by their compatriot and in-form label head honcho Werwolf. Proceedings kick off with the short, delightful instrumental ‘Johdanto’ (‘Nälkämaan Laulu’ at the start of Side B is another wonderful ambient piece) and then, with the title track, we are straight into the Finnish trio’s absolutely sensational brand of raw, ancient Black Metal with the merest hint of folk susceptibilities.

Uhripuu’ the song is grim and rampaging and it represents a perfect example of the effortless manner in which Förgjord can pair evil-sounding and fairly contemptuous, intolerant Black Metal with pleasant atmospherics without ever sounding compromised or banal. The underground production certainly helps in this regard (witness, for example, the soaring, fizzing prowess of ‘Kiviseen Syleilyyn’),

The rabid, inhuman vocals are also a key component of the Förgjord arsenal, while the musicianship is skilled, competent and fresh as fuck, each track revealing very strong song-writing abilities while, though lush betimes, the atmosphere remains dark, dangerous and analogue throughout.

Malevolent miscreants Förgjord have been consistently delivering prime, uncompromising and infectious underground Black Metal art for a quarter of a century now and each of their albums is mandatory, none more so than ‘Uhripuu’, which offers 48 minutes of superb Finnish filth but is so imminently enjoyable and full of raw emotion that it seems considerably shorter.

Evilometer: 666/666