INTROVERSION – MUDE (Selbstmord Kommando Produktionen)

Müde’ contains three lengthy depressive Black Metal lamentations (averaging around ten minutes) and a calming, melodic three-minute closer, ‘Lacrimae Desperationis’. I know a lot of people don’t care much for depressive BM (and I can appreciate why) but I have a soft spot for it and I really like this cassette. All in all, it’s pretty standard fare – on a par with what you’d get from a Self Mutilation Services release, for example – but very well composed, arranged and delivered. The production is excellent, too, so the tape has a professional CD sound to it (assuming you own a decent stereo). The label has loaded the music onto a nice red tape and wrapped it all up in a tasty lay-out, so no complaints in the quality control department.

The first song ‘Nirgends’ sets the tone and it’s clear straight away where exactly we’re going. Bands like All Of The Cold, Happy Days and Deep-pression spring immediately to mind, with perhaps a hint of Hypothermia and Trist. The singer sounds like he has decided to cut his throat with that shiny new razor blade, rather than his wrist, and the sense of suffering and anguish being emitted from the music is too stark to be fake. Of course, this subgenre of the subgenre always risks venturing into surreal, OTT terrain but generally Introversion manages to maintain an acceptably sincere and convincing face.

Zerbrechende Rosen’ is slower than its predecessor, more laboured, more tormented, coming across like a really sick version of early Anathema – sad, sorrowful and without hope but also raw and relevant. The wonderful ‘Impuls??’ boasts some nice piano parts that call to mind Shining, still with touches of early Anathema ran through a depressive blender. By the time the album / demo is finished, you should feel pacified (and satisfied that your money has been well spent).

In a nutshell, ‘Müde’ is an entertaining excursion into typical depressive Black Metal territory. It’s not offering anything particularly new, but the compositional skills and musicianship are top notch, making for an enjoyable release (in so far as this bleak style of music can ever be termed enjoyable). The songs – mostly mid- to slower-paced, melodic and atmospheric Black Metal – manage to sound calming and disturbing at the same time and there’s every reason to suspect that Introversion can build on this sonic delight and develop on future releases. I suppose at the end of the day, you either like depressive BM or you don’t. If you do appreciate it, then this is one of the most solid demos I’ve heard recently. If not, have a nice day.

Evilometer: 444/666

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