INTROVERSION – LIDLOS EP (self-released)

I really enjoyed Introversion’s 2011 demo ‘Müde’, so I was grateful when the band kindly posted me a copy of this new self-released cassette EP, which clocks in at around 27 minutes and is limited to just 15 units. I didn’t so much appreciate the fact that a complimentary razor blade was included inside the packaging. At best I find this childish and nasty. Self-defeating, too. I mean, where would the Swiss outfit be if the 15 recipients of the tape all cut themselves to ribbons?

If that’s genuinely their aim (I do have a sense of humour, by the way, but this went beyond a joke), it’s very sad indeed. Without pontificating, I think self-harm is a plague on society and condoning or celebrating it is irresponsible and thoughtless. I would encourage people to try to find some meaning in their lives, to tap into the energy of the universe in an effort to overcome their hardships, to face their demons rather than surrender to them. A pinch of salt will not suffice here; I need a bucketful.

Anyway, I’ve always been partial to a bit of depressive Black Metal here and there – Silencer, Hypothermia, Trist and a lot of the bands on Self-Mutilation Records. This style of music can be something special when performed properly and I suppose in fairness it’s impossible to separate the message from the music – it’s all part of a thoroughly negative, despondent whole. It’s only art, though, not a fucking lifestyle choice.

Introversion’s expressions of inner torment and anguish are deeply disturbing. This EP represents a soundtrack to pain, loss, hopelessness and indifference, nay hate. They hate their lives; they hate the world. From these negative feelings they have carved two addictive, intoxicating odes to despair and one sombre, heart-breaking instrumental. With an excellent sound (production-wise), ‘Lidlos’ is excellent depressive music, even if I do find myself wondering sometimes where the boundaries of Black Metal begin and end.

Evilometer: 444/666