Kriegsmaschine - Enemy Of ManListening to ‘Enemy Of Man’, I find myself wondering where does Mgła end and Kriegsmaschine begin. You see, Darkside and M. from the former also make up two-thirds of the latter and the music delivered by both bands is pretty similar. As the name suggests, Kriegsmaschine is a little darker, arguably more aggressive and – crucially – punchier. But to my ears the distinctions are very subtle

Very nihilistic lyrics here – much more negative than I remember being the case on Mgła’s stunning latest full-length ‘With Hearts Towards None’ – and an excellent sound / production / execution. Six songs stretch out across 46 minutes to form a bold, brash and undeniably brilliant album. It’s quite melodic at times but boy does ‘Enemy Of Man’ pack a punch.

These Poles are amongst the most important, significant and relevant figures in underground Black Metal right now. Dare I say it? Poles apart.

If tonight I dream I am a snake, am I a man dreaming I am a snake as I sleep or a snake dreaming I am a man after I awake?

Evilometer: 666/666