Necrostrigis - Wilkołaki Księżycowego PentagramuWilkołaki Księżycowego Pentagramu’ translates as ‘Werewolves Of Moonlit Pentagram’ and is the debut full-length from Necrostrigis, a Polish underground Black Metal force fuelled by the vision of drummer / vocalist Wolfvamphyr, who enlists the services of Neimad Hellheimm on strings. Surely we have some keys in there, too, or do my ears deceive me badly? (Hint: they don’t.)

There are eight songs on the vinyl edition, with the Hellhammer cover from the original tape version omitted (which is probably no bad thing). The music is slightly more polished than what we got on the brilliant ‘Relics Of Blood Rites Sorcery’ record, but still very much of the raw and ugly variety. I find that this newest release isn’t quite possessed of the same charm as the aforementioned 12’’ EP but, having said that, it’s still a fine serving of harsh, mostly mid-paced, screeching, Carpathian (wolves and woodland vibe very evident) Black Metal in its own right.

All in all, this is a very, very good record with a stellar sound, painful-to-listen-to rasps and some lush melodic parts that do not seem in the least bit contrived or cheesy. Not quite essential, perhaps, but pretty damned close.

Evilometer: 555/666