As we waited patiently for the follow-up to the acclaimed ‘Dor-nu-Fauglith’, French Black Metal luminaries Osculum Infame issued a fantastic stopgap release in the form of ‘Consuming The Metatron’, an excellent 30-minute mini album / EP, which was released on CD in 2012 and on vinyl the following year. While it was disappointing at the time to only have half an hour of new music bestowed upon us from this enigmatic horde, in hindsight, considering how wonderful – and substantial – the two full-lengths are, nobody should have complained.

In many respects, Osculum Infame stand alone in the Black Metal field; bringing a unique and varied sound that is all of their own to a scene that has at times been stagnated by same-soundingness and blatant imposters. This record was a triumph for quality over quantity and served as a worthy harbinger for the stunning sophomore full-length that was to follow. As an apéritif to ‘Axis Of Blood’, ‘Consuming The Metatron’ hit the spot, awash with traditional, uncompromising Black Metal but with intrusive keyboards rendering the music at times brave and strange.

Certainly, these guys like to do their own thing and that is an admirable quality.

Evilometer: 555/666