Owl's Blood - Lunar EquilibriumFeaturing the driving forces behind Ostots and Sentimen Beltza, Owl’s Blood is another blazing, old-school, majestic Black Metal entity out of the Basque region and this is their 2011 demo tape (and only substantial release to date) reissued on vinyl, encased in a silk-screened jacket and limited to a mere 200 units.

With just five songs included, it’s all over in a fuzzy flash but I think this one was well worth the investment of around €18 including postage (Denmark – Ireland) to purchase directly from the label. The lyrics are simply typeset onto a bland white A4 sheet (better to get them than not!) but the cover and the record itself ooze underground appeal while the music – a bit like either Oindurth’s or IA’s main projects covering Darkthrone classics in their own inimitable styles, perhaps – is quite special.

Definitely not the most amazing record you’re ever going to hear – but ‘Lunar Equilibrium’ is still a worthwhile acquisition for any follower of quality underground BM. And, compared to recent efforts from the likes of the aforementioned Darkthrone or fellow letter-day shitemongers Watain, Enslaved or Burzum, this is simply amazing! (Not sure exactly why owls(!) seem to be assuming a more pronounced presence in Black Metal ideology, though.)

Evilometer: 555/666