Pissgrave - Suicide EuphoriaI’ve just listened to this record five times in one sitting (well, ten sittings…) and it’s a gloriously-punishing experience. The band name, song titles and artwork all suggest Death Metal of the gore-obsessed variety and that’s certainly the general tone of Pissgrave’s debut full-length, ‘Suicide Euphoria’.

Raw, corrosive, bludgeoning and uncompromising, it’s an engaging if somewhat difficult-to-digest album – clearly committed to tape / wax by unswerving devotees to their macabre art – which embraces you like sweet, cold, erotic death itself and strives to take you along for the ride, supplanting you into the narrative by ripping the skin from your face then smearing your ears in innards and ramming a jackhammer up your weeping, ravaged anus.

Yeah this sure is fine.

As well as being heavier than the glistening bones and spilled dung of a million hapless, expired humans, the mangled mayhem of ‘Suicide Euphoria’ also manages to sound unique in its pursuit of all-out savagery and dismemberment. Quite a feat.

In the same way that pain is fun, this is a monstrous record. Real shame no lyrics are included, though, cos it would be nice to read along and see just how depraved the whole affair is.

Evilometer: 666/666