SARKOM – DOOMSDAY ELITE (Dark Essence Records)

Sarkom - Doomsday EliteSolid. That’s the word that best describes Sarkom’s third full-length venture, ‘Doomsday Elite’. Without ever being spectacular or mandatory, this eight-track album is nonetheless admirable and impressive. What it lacks in oomph, it more than delivers in terms of good old dependability. Bottom line: 40 minutes or so of strong, pounding, in-your-face-ish Black Metal with lots of melody (perhaps even too much) and enough variety to satisfy even the most forward-looking prick.

It veers close to black ‘n’ roll at times but, mercifully, never quite gets there. The production (and delivery and everything along those lines) is nigh on perfect, rendering ‘Doomsday Elite’ a very accessible example of modern, slightly ambitious, moderately progressive Black Metal that should appeal to just about all of you.

Though not especially grim or harsh or aggressive (but very melodious), this is still an enjoyable slab. I can’t really imagine anyone having a major problem with Sarkom’s latest incursion.

Evilometer: 444/666