WHITE MEDAL – GUTHMERS HAHL LP (Aphelion Productions / Legion Blotan Records)

White Medal - Guthmers HahlAlthough ‘Guthmers Hahl’ is by no means the most amazing record you’re ever going to hear, it is certainly a unique experience – and that is very hard to find these days. White Medal forges its own distinct sound, offering forth on this debut full-length six intriguing examples of Yorkshire heathen Black Metal that – if nothing else – should represent a whole new listening experience to most of you.

I want to stress that I don’t think this album is necessarily brilliant per se (and I am not even sure to what extent it can even be classified as Black Metal) but I would grant ‘Guthmers Hahl’ extra kudos for its maverick sense of individuality and for having an identity all of its own.

If traditional BM was all about forests and swamps and mist and fog and moons and suchlike, this reeks more of silage and muck and cows holes. Agricultural Black Metal? Maybe. Maybe not. Who gives a fuck, really?

A lone voice that ultimately deserves to be heard and acknowledged.

Evilometer: 555/666