ZOM – FLESH ASSIMILATION LP (Invictus Productions)

ZOM - Flesh AssimilationThe first thing that jumps out at me regarding the vinyl incarnation of ‘Flesh Assimilation’ is the thought and creativity that went into the triple-fold cover; the second is the unnervingly dank, sterile and soulless sound (compared to the CD edition), which somehow renders these Irish death-mongers ever murkier and more depraved than hitherto.

Unless watching the band live on Friday night has completely fucked up my ears, the difference between the analogue and digital versions of ZOM’s frightening debut full-length is night and day. This record is dirty and ugly; disgusting and rotten to the core; angry and born of the most grime-encrusted, piss-stained, disease-ridden sewers.

Which is fully understandable as it was conceived and executed in the greatest fucking cesspit on the planet.

Evilometer: 666/666