Urfaust - ApparitionsMusically, Urfaust’s connection to Black Metal is probably only tenuous at best. Their sound is for the most part far removed from your typical BM fare and this has never been more apparent than on ‘Apparitions’, which could be more accurately described as DDAWCC (demented dark ambient with crazed chants).

Normally, when bands associated with Black Metal head off on a tangent and peddle something entirely different – experimental, avant-, post-, or whatever the fuck – I’m not impressed. However, I love Urfaust. These guys have a distinct, wholly evil sound and one that clearly doesn’t suck.

Their strain of ritualistic, hazy, absinthe-fuelled madness is utterly fantastic. A breath of fresh air. Furthermore, this so-called MLP is a full-length in all but name as it provides 44 minutes of music.

Record looks superb; class cover; deadly insert; plus eye-catching two-sided poster. Truly great stuff, all things considered, and worthy of full marks.

Evilometer: 666/666