A.M.S.G. – ANTI-COSMIC TYRANNY LP (Graceless Recordings)

A.M.S.G. - Anti-Cosmic TyrannyThis is the ultimate edition of A.M.S.G.’s debut full-length, packaged within not one but two covers and boasting a fabulous twelve-page booklet to boot, with lyrics to their exceedingly devious odes included alongside some nice artwork and photos. I must say these Canadians can conjure some of the most genuinely evil- and depraved-sounding Black Metal known to (this) man.

However, to my unrefined ear, a saxophone sounds like wet shit seeping into a drunkard’s shoes after negotiating a treacherous journey from the crack of his arse downwards via the inner thighs (in some dark, smoky bar full of tramps, of course). The deployment of said instrument on ‘Black Rites Of Black Shadows’ and ‘Gnosis Granted From The Bloodline Of Fire’ is diabolical in the worst possible sense and detracts substantially from what would otherwise have been an astonishing LP.

Evilometer: 444/666