Malsaint - Anti Islamist ProselytismOn one hand, ‘Anti Islamist Proselytism’ is just another Black Metal record; solid but unremarkable in many ways. It’s largely (if not entirely!) by-the-numbers, old school BM that sounds like hundreds (if not thousands!) of other nondescript acts. But, on the other hand – and here’s the rub – what is wrong with ordinary Black Metal?

Isn’t that what we’re here for at the end of the day? Shouldn’t it be celebrated? Okay, this is certainly not the most spectacular or memorable LP you’re going to hear in 2014; but it’s arguably churlish of me to even make such an observation, yet alone utter it. Or maybe I’m just in a generous mood today.

Bottom line: the eight songs on here are all of a decent standard, culminating in a creditable album that they can be proud of and, even if Malsaint’s debut full-length is far from essential, the world can never have too much good-to-decent Black Metal. How and ever, religious and anti-religious convictions bore me equally at this point in my life. What’s the point of being anti-anything any more? Fuck it all to ruin, surely?

Evilometer: 555/666