Ankou Awaits - Oberour Ar MaroAgainst all odds, the indefatigable Thomas Eversole is back with his fourth full-length in as many years. It’s hard not to admire the determination and drive of this guy. Ankou Awaits is a pariah in the extreme metal world … and always will be. The jolting, demented, unconventional nature of the music will see to that.

And at this stage I can’t imagine any radical departures from the core modus operandi or sound. ‘Oberour Ar Maro’ is once more all over the fucking place, jarring and grating and pummelling, then little piano parts interrupt the madness and transport you to the set of Resident Evil. Where the punishment starts anew.

Truly, this album is as strange and bizarre and off the beaten path as they come. It’s got a cool concept theme running through the songs if you care to read the accompanying lyrics. All in all, this CD is so fucked-up and belligerent that it can’t be ignored. (Well it can and it will be but that is an injustice.)

Evilometer: 555/666