KULT OFENZIVY – NAUKY RŮZNIC LP (Iron Bonehead Productions)

Kult Ofenzivy - Nauky různicThis is Kult Ofenzivy’s third full-length and none of said albums reach the 30-minute mark. In fact, like its predecessor from five years ago (‘Radikální Ateismus – Tvůrcům Nadčlověka’), ‘Nauky Různic’ contains just 25 minutes of action, which really is a tad short in anybody’s book.

What the album lacks in longevity, it makes up for in quality. There’s some fantastic underground Czech (apparently) Black Metal to be found on this one. The vocals are so like Attila Csihar it’s uncanny (so much so that it is nigh on impossible to imagine that you are actually listening to somebody else…); the music cold and to-the-point.

A short album and a short review on the shortest day of the year…

Evilometer: 555/666