CANTUS BESTIAE – CANTUS BESTIAE 2LP (GoatowaRex / Projekt’Ill Productions)

Cantus Bestiae - Cantus BestiaeCantus Bestiae is a cult horde from France and ‘Cantus Bestiae’ boldly collates pretty much all their previously-recorded material from splits and demos on Disc One as well as the tracks from a once-prospective but ultimately-unreleased split with Deathspell Omega on Disc Two.

These records represent a true labour of love for the labels concerned (four of them, in actual fact) and also for the band themselves, I am sure, and I can only but admire their dedication. But the music really is terrible. I enjoy raw Black Metal but this just sounds stupid.

A fucking headache-inducing riot with the production values of a dark-alleyway rape recorded on the assailant’s Nokia. You can listen to all 18 tracks on the Projekt’Ill Productions Bandcamp page. Check it out if you dare: you might appreciate it more than I do.

I almost feel bad for not liking this because I too want to be cult.

Evilometer: 222/666