Arizmenda - Without Circumference Nor CenterOne would be forgiven for suspecting that I have a vendetta against this label – but I would contend to the contrary that they have a vendetta against me. And you. I purchased a third press of ‘Without Circumference Nor Center’ on tape about 18 months ago (I’m guessing here, lost track of that whole excruciating saga…) and the order took about six months to arrive (minimum). I posted a piece at the time strongly criticising Crepúsculo Negro’s customer service, but deleted that once the package arrived.

Disgusted by the ordeal, I never really listened to the tapes properly until now. Well, as it transpires, I will never listen to these tapes properly as the sound quality is an utter abomination. An insult. Essentially, what I have here is a fucked-up tape with a truly shitty sound so, despite being out of pocket, I still don’t actually know whether Arizmenda are any good or not. Really disappointing. Crepúsculo Negro could take a leaf out of Schattenkult Produktionen’s book.

(Also bought ‘Within The Vacuum Of Infinity…’ third press and, of course, the sound of it is shit too.)

Evilometer: 000/666