CULTES DES GHOULES – HÄXAN 2LP (Of Crawling Shadows)

Cultes Des Ghoules - HäxanI’m doing this a lot lately – buying vinyl reissues of older albums that I already own on CD. Taake, Leviathan, Vasaeleth, this… I think it might prove either that I am slightly mad or that I am complete fucking insane. Either way, ‘Häxan’ is Cultes Des Ghoules’ debut full-length from 2008 and is, in my opinion, superior to their 2013 follow-up ‘Henbane’.

This older offering is more understated and less melodramatic than ‘Henbane’ and the five songs (55 minutes…) deliver a near-perfect strain of occult Black Metal with arcane witchcraft-ian themes and vibes. I thought the Poles slightly lost the run of themselves on the sophomore, to be honest, and that their music was more enjoyable when they restricted the cheese factor to zero.

Comes with a lovely eight-page A5 booklet including lyrics and appropriate artwork – but only one song on the second record and nothing at all on Side D (the bane of my life (I know: I am like a broken record)).

Evilometer: 555/666