BLATTARIA – BLATTARIA LP (Fallen Empire Records)

Blattaria - BlattariaBlattaria is the scientific name for cockroach and a routine perusal of the lyrics included on the insert of this delightful LP quickly reveals the appropriate nature of both band name and album title.

The corrupt(ed) vision of one enlightened (disillusioned would definitely be the wrong word!) and therefore suitably despondent individual from Oklahoma City, USA, Blattaria’s bleak and delirious debut full-length spews out six depraved decompositions of filthy, noisy, chaotic, dissonant, jarring Black Metal of the highest / lowest calibre.

Of course, the real cockroach here is the human – the most despicable, self-centred, deluded, poisonous, pathetic creature that has ever slithered around this planet, espousing its own importance, championing itself. As a species or race or whatever the fuck it is, humankind is a blight on all things, an unhinged and deranged abomination constantly craving attention.

There’s no getting away from this. The sooner we realise it the better. Sicknesses of the mind and spirit can be neither cured nor eased by a forlorn search for happiness but rather by an acceptance of how worthless and pitiful we truly are, deserving of and destined for nothing but demise. The first step is to embrace the cockroach; then, try somehow to stomach the creature that’s much lower, an evolutionary error: yourself.

Die with me, indeed…

Evilometer: 666/666