Arckanum - Den FörstföddeArckanum is dead. After delivering truly unique, visionary, chaos-gnostic Black Metal of the very highest calibre over a mere quarter of a century, Shamaatae has announced that ninth full-length, ‘Den Förstfödde’, will also be the last one. It’s sad news, indeed, as I love this record.

Even though it’s relatively simple and mid-paced and by no means progressive, there’s something extraordinary about ‘Den Förstfödde’. Showing the benefit of decades of experience, there is so much to admire here in the guitar sound, the production (although perhaps a little too ssss-y), the overall atmosphere and sense of menace. One hell of a parting shot.

There’s more crackles and pops on my copy than I’d ideally like but I guess that’s just down to bad luck. A true master of his darkened craft bowing out on the highest of highs. Long live Arckanum.

Evilometer: 666/666