Christicide - Upheaval Of The SoulHere is proof that initial impressions are not always correct / reliable. My first thought regarding Christicide was ‘what a dumb name … they have to be shit’. Then I saw the cover artwork for this, their second full-length, and I again thought ‘they have to be shit’. But, having ignored my gut instinct, I can confirm that Christicide are most certainly not shit and that, to the contrary, ‘Upheaval Of The Soul’ is a really, really good Black Metal record.

With neither fanfare nor hype (of any description), this album arrives from seemingly nowhere … and is likely to also remain in obscurity for all eternity. Christicide will never be regarded as one of the leading lights of Black Metal but the French duo have delivered a 44-minute statement (six songs) of defiance that at times reminds me of the mighty Dødsengel (though obviously not quite as brilliant).

A substantial and super-looking 12×12 booklet is included too but, due to a combination of the small, feint red print against a black background and my gathering years / diminishing eyesight, I cannot read the fucker.

Evilometer: 555/666