Cosmic Church - YlistysIt’s difficult to know where to start in order to best convey the innate magnificence of Cosmic Church’s second full-length. So I’ll begin with the artwork. The unorthodox cover is a visual treat, replete with blinding white, northern snow, in which supplicates a lone, kneeling figure I pressume to be Luxixul Sumering Auter himself, clad in a deep-red cloak. Beautiful imagery at play, which to my mind symbolises a drop of blood in the barren icy wilderness. Or something.

The classy double-vinyl edition comes in a gorgeous gatefold jacket and includes a 16-page 7” booklet with lyrics printed in both Finnish and English. So, clearly, all the stops have been pulled out to give the listener an item he / she can cherish – a quality product that does justice to the music.

Suppose I better mention the music too? Majestic, emotion-laden, cold, mid-paced, raw, forlorn and exquisitely atmospheric Black Metal, anyone? Thought so.

Awesome dark art forms abound on ‘Ylistys’. Even though there are some clean vocals on here that I don’t much like, this album comes highly, highly recommended. Especially on vinyl; the best way to drink up the eye-catching and luscious cover art, which boldly eschews the standard black(s) and succeeds where many others have failed.

Evilometer: 666/666