EUCHARIST – DEMISE RITES MLP (Iron Bonehead Productions)

Eucharist - Demise RitesFeaturing both of the band’s 2011 demos – ‘Tenebrous Summoning’ and ‘Demise Rites’ – in one place, this collection was initially released by Total Holocaust Records on a limited run of cassettes in 2012. It now gets a welcome 45rpm vinyl rebirth, whereupon we are treated to almost half an hour of cavernous, lo-fi, rumbling, underground Black / Death. (The title track is particularly beguiling.)

A nice introduction to a very enjoyable Australian entity. And IBP has just unleashed a brand-new MLP entitled ‘Endarkenment’ (two cuts; 27 minutes), which promises to be at least as good. My order is in…

Evilometer: 555/666