GORRCH – NERA ESTASI LP (Duplicate Records)

Gorrch - Nera EstasiHaving loved the band’s self-titled EP from a few years ago, I was pretty chuffed to hear not only that Gorrch had got around to recording a full-length but also that it was getting a vinyl release.

Instinctively, I knew that ‘Nera Estasi’ was going to deliver some prime Black Metal of the highest calibre.

The really amazing thing about this record is that Gorrch commit the criminal act of including some overtly up-the-anus, clean-ish vocals on ‘Cinico Dominio’ and ‘Crudo Primordio’ yet they somehow manage not to sound all that gay, considering.

The latter and the sublime, rolling instrumental title track, which closes the album, are stand-out moments but, all in all, this 35-minute, six-song journey – more sophisticated and rounded that the previous offering – is absolutely superb from start to finish.

Lyric sheet included, but they are in Italian.

Evilometer: 666/666