Fatherland - FatherlandTo an extent, I think that Fatherland might be better served by channeling a larger percentage of their red-hot hate and intolerance into some form of creativity – or better song-writing – to make their material stand out a little better from the crowd.

Because, with the monotonous assault found on their debut full-length and fairly insipid shouty vocals, there’s certainly nothing unique or memorable going on here. The record could easily fall into the patently unremarkable category … you know, the one you have heard a thousand times before, often done better?

Having said that, ‘Fatherland’ is nevertheless a competent and energetic slab of vitriolic punky NSBM, complete with glorious, melodic interludes. All in all, it is more good than boring, although the Finns aren’t quite in the league of a Nordvrede or Order Of The Death’s Head just yet.

Far from perfect but still worth your time.

Evilometer: 444/666